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Forester Capital serves as investment manager to Forester Partners, L.P., Forester Offshore, Ltd., Forester Diversified Fund, L.P., Forester Diversified, Ltd., Forester Strategic Opportunities, L.P., Forester Strategic Opportunities, Ltd., Forester Strategic Opportunities II, L.P., Forester Strategic Opportunities II, Ltd., Forester Co-investment, L.P., FC Strategic Holdings, L.P. and FC Strategic Holdings, Ltd., as well as the discretionary investment subadvisor to Forester Insurance Fund, a Series of the SALI Multi-Series Fund, L.P., together with any related managed accounts, “feeder” funds, co-investment vehicles, alternative investment vehicles, or other related investment vehicles to be sponsored and/or managed by Forester Capital and/or an affiliate of Forester Capital (collectively, the “Forester Funds” and together with Forester Capital and their respective affiliates, “Forester”). Forester Capital has caused the Forester Funds to subscribe for interests (the “Forester Investment”) in investment vehicles (the “Underlying Funds”) managed by one or more investment managers detailed herein (the “Underlying Managers”), for which Forester, including Forester Capital and the Forester Funds, receive compensation, directly and indirectly, from the Underlying Managers for such investment. Communications made to you by Forester Capital regarding the Underlying Managers or the Underlying Funds may constitute a compensated “endorsement” under Rule 206(4)-1 under the Advisers Act. Forester and the Underlying Managers are not affiliated with each other. Forester is currently an investor in the Underlying Funds. Certain investment vehicles advised by Forester Capital and/or its affiliates may have invested in prior funds advised by the Underlying Managers. In addition, certain personnel of Forester may, in their personal capacity, be current investors in the Underlying Funds or other funds managed by the Underlying Managers. Forester and each of the Underlying Managers are parties to agreements in connection with the Underlying Managers’ investment advisory services. As further described below, Forester receives certain compensation from the Underlying Managers related to the Forester Investment. This compensation arrangement between Forester and the Underlying Managers creates material conflicts of interest. Because Forester receives compensation related to the Forester Investment, Forester has an incentive to endorse and make positive statements about the Underlying Managers, the Underlying Funds and their employees and affiliates. As noted above, Forester or its affiliates typically are entitled to receive compensation from the Underlying Managers for the Forester Investment. The Underlying Managers have generally agreed to pay Forester a percentage of the quarterly fee charged by the Underlying Managers, calculated as a percentage of the net asset value of certain Underlying Funds, as well as a percentage of the performance compensation generated or accrued with respect to certain Underlying Funds.



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