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    Alpine Peaks

    Jennifer Oppold

    Inception Date: January 2018

    Jennifer's fundamental analysis focuses on high-quality small-and mid-cap companies. Jennifer's approach centers on deep, independent research, and she has demonstrated an ability to invest in high-quality businesses when prices diverge from intrinsic value. Her ability on the short side is also very additive to her approach. Prior to launching Alpine Peaks, Jennifer spent a decade at Select Equity Group where she was the associate portfolio manager for the long/short equity fund.

  • Logo for: Ararat Capital
    Ararat Capital

    Raffi Tokatlian

    Inception Date: July 2016

    Raffi's deep fundamental analysis focuses on accounting, cash flow, and balance sheet strength. Raffi has the unique ability to identify off-the-run investments and develop differentiated perspectives on the underlying businesses. He was previously a partner and analyst at Bridger Management.

  • Logo for: Butler Hall
    Butler Hall

    Brad Lundy

    Inception Date: April 2018

    Brad's focus is on misunderstood companies and those affected by rapid change. Brad employs a thoughtful, disciplined, and long-term investment approach. Prior to launching Butler Hall, Brad spent more than 12 years at Ivory Investment Management, where he built a strong track record as a portfolio manager.

  • Logo for: Catalur Capital
    Catalur Capital

    David Tiomkin and Sergei Filipov

    Inception Date: May 2020

    David and Sergei invest in credit event-driven opportunities with a focus on distressed and special situations. The team takes an activist approach using process-driven, fundamental business analysis together with comprehensive capital structure and legal analysis. David was co-portfolio manager at Aurelius Capital, and Sergei has extensive experience from MHR Capital and Silver Point.

  • Logo for: Chepstow Lane Capital
    Chepstow Lane Capital

    Agata Dornan

    Inception Date: October 2022

    Founded by Agata Dornan, Chepstow invests primarily through identifying and exploiting opportunistic and idiosyncratic credit situations in European corporates and financial institutions. Dornan has over 20 years of experience investing in credit, both as an analyst and portfolio manager. Prior to founding Chepstow Lane, Dornan spent eight years as an analyst and portfolio manager at Soros Fund Management where she helped build out the European credit business. In addition to Soros, she was a distressed credit analyst at both BlueMountain and Camulos.

  • Logo for: EVR Research
    EVR Research

    Wolf Joffe

    Inception Date: July 2016

    Wolf takes a research-intensive approach to underwriting investments. Wolf employs a downside-focused approach and has built a repeatable investment process that allows him to source differentiated ideas and develop unique insights into businesses. Prior to launching EVR, Wolf spent seven years at Raging Capital, where he was a managing partner, and has also worked at Tremblant Capital and JLF Asset Management.

  • Logo for: Fir Tree Special Opportunities Fund XIII (SOF XIII)
    Fir Tree Special Opportunities Fund XIII (SOF XIII)

    David Sultan

    Inception Date: September 2020

    David will primarily invest in a core portfolio of Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) units and warrants, and opportunistically participate in SPAC-related special situations such as pre-IPO risk capital and private investments in public equity (PIPE) investments. We believe that the unique structure of SPAC instruments and their asymmetric return profile create a very compelling risk/reward opportunity for investors. SOF XIII leverages Fir Tree's 15 years of experience investing in SPACs.

  • Logo for: Gavilan

    Louis Chang

    Inception Date: October 2020

    Louis focuses on investments within the information technology, communication services and consumer discretionary sectors. The investment team takes a long-term approach and targets investments in companies and industries with longer-term secular tailwinds and aligns themselves with best-in-class operations and management teams. The key attributes of a typical Gavilan investment include strong competitive moats and industry position, high quality management teams, as well as large and growing market opportunities. Prior to launching Gavilan, Mr. Chang spent 14 years at Criterion Capital Management.

  • Logo for: Hallstatt Advisors
    Hallstatt Advisors

    Jonathan Goldberg

    Inception Date: April 2022

    Founded by Jonathan Goldberg, Hallstatt is a private investment partnership that makes concentrated, long-term investments in industrial and industrial-related companies undergoing a transformation. Jonathan has deep industry experience as both a senior investor and as a portfolio manager and has distinguished himself with a strong track record investing across industrial, cyclical, and adjacent industries. Prior to launching Hallstatt, Goldberg was a partner at Highline Capital Management, where he served as the Industrials Sector Head and Co-PM of Highline Select. In addition to deep investment experience, Jonathan started his career with a strong foundation in business strategy at McKinsey & Company.

  • Logo for: Heights Point
    Heights Point

    Brian Belke

    Inception Date: July 2021

    Brian focuses on small- to mid-capitalization public equities across the industrials, materials, consumer, healthcare, technology, and communications sectors. The investment team takes a “private equity approach” to public market investing and will look to invest in high-quality businesses that have strong competitive advantages, material reinvestment opportunities, and can be purchased at discounts to intrinsic value. Previously, Brian served as a senior partner at Valinor Management, L.P., where he spent 11 years as a generalist responsible for long and short public equity investments.

  • Logo for: Hiddenite Capital
    Hiddenite Capital

    Ryan Packard

    Inception Date: October 2020

    Ryan’s focus is on transformational long investment opportunities primarily driven by changes in earnings power, business quality and valuation. On the short side, Ryan focuses on single name alpha opportunities that suffer from negative business characteristics including capital structure instability, business disruption and value destructive capital allocation. Prior to founding Hiddenite, Ryan developed deep expertise investing across the capital structure through industry experience at firms such as Roystone Capital, Soroban Capital, and Anchorage Capital.

  • Logo for: Navemar Capital
    Navemar Capital

    Oliver Keller

    Inception Date: September 2018

    Oliver makes focused investments in the telecom, media, technology, and related sectors across North America, the United Kingdom, and Western Europe. He invests only when he has developed a materially differentiated perspective regarding a company’s future prospects and has identified a catalyst path likely to alter the prevailing market perception. Prior to launching Navemar, Oliver was a co-founder and partner at Hunt Lane Capital, where he led public equity investments in the telecom and media sectors. He also has significant experience from Glenview Capital and the Carlyle Group.

  • Logo for: Notch View
    Notch View

    Keith Goodman

    Inception Date: September 2020

    Launched by Keith Goodman in September 2020, Notch View is a private investment partnership that makes investments in small-, mid-, and large-cap companies across the industrial, consumer, communication services, technology, and healthcare sectors. Goodman has significant experience, both as a senior analyst and portfolio manager. Prior to launching Notch View in September of 2020, Goodman spent over 15 years as a senior analyst and director of research at Glenhill Capital Management, where he was instrumental in institutionalizing the research process and helping with risk management. Prior to Glenhill, he spent two years as an analyst at Glenview Capital.

  • Logo for: Railroad Ranch
    Railroad Ranch

    Jake Shelton

    Inception Date: October 2016

    Jake’s focus is on value-oriented, small- and mid-cap opportunities and the firm has demonstrated the ability to identify unique situations that are under-followed and misunderstood by the rest of the market. Jake was previously at Hirzel Capital, where he was a partner and significant contributor.

  • Logo for: Rip Road
    Rip Road

    Dennis Goldstein

    Inception Date: October 2018

    Dennis has deep domain experience in consumer-centric businesses where change is creating tremendous opportunities both long and short. Dennis and his team are able to identify unique investment opportunities that leverage their deep knowledge of the consumer and how consumer behavior drives company fundamentals. Dennis was previously with Bain Capital/Brookside.

  • Logo for: Triveni Capital Investments, LP
    Triveni Capital Investments, LP

    Sahul Sharma

    Inception Date: June 2023

    Sahul Sharma invests both long and short in global equities focusing on the financial sector and adjacent subsectors. Sahul seeks to create a portfolio that is diversified across sub-sectors, geographies, frameworks, and themes. Prior to launching Triveni, Sahul served as a portfolio manager at both DE Shaw and Point 72 and brings with him decades of experience in the financials sector.

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