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Connecting You to Exceptional Investment Talent

We seek to find the next great hedge fund managers to give clients the opportunity to share in their potential success. Clients can invest in commingled funds or funds that offer a chance to participate in revenue share. They can invest money into individual funds or discrete investments ideas our managers generate. The approach is customized to meet client needs, but all the variations have a common thread: they seek to create a way to access the exceptional talent in the industry.

Investment Options to Meet Your Unique Needs

  • Revenue Share Funds

    Our Strategic Opportunity Funds invest in high-quality, early stage funds, whose size can put them in a strong position to outperform. In addition to underlying returns, investors get reduced fees, capacity rights and a chance to share revenues as the underlying funds grow. Clients invest as limited partners, but participate in the revenue share.

  • Outsourced Alternatives

    Our co-mingled funds can give clients a single way to invest in a diversified, high-quality portfolio of hedge funds. These offerings, both long-short equity and absolute return, can provide access to closed managers and include a mix of emerging funds and funds with a track record of investing through multiple market cycles.

  • Advisory Services

    Forester works with large institutional investors who want to tailor their own portfolios. We recommend managers, strategies, and exposures. We also monitor portfolios and provide regular reporting and updates.

  • Co-Investments

    Co-investing offers clients a chance to invest money into discrete opportunities generated by our managers. It is a way of accessing individual investment ideas, rather than a broad portfolio.

  • Direct Investments

    With direct investment, clients gain access to individual managers in the Forester ecosystem. They can also get capacity rights and discounted fees.

Tomorrows Star Managers, Today

Benefits of Investing with Forester

By investing with Forester, clients can receive a range of benefits: access to the next generation of great hedge fund managers; opportunities for discounted fees and ownership economics; and a relationship with a firm that has delivered strong risk-adjusted returns over more than two decades.

Two Decades of Delivering Superior Risk-adjusted Returns

We rigorously evaluate managers and build portfolios with one goal in mind: to deliver the best risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

  • Step 1

    We seek to use our extensive knowledge of the industry to find the next great hedge fund managers.

  • Step 2

    We seek to evaluate their funds with a rigorous diligence process.

  • Step 3

    We seek to partner with underlying managers to ensure they maintain operational excellence, the right culture, and risk management tools.

  • Step 4

    We seek to construct portfolios with exposure to a blend of different styles, geographies and sectors.

  • Step 5

    We seek to monitor our managers to ensure they are maintaining their disciplines.

Step 1

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We'd love the opportunity to share ideas, answer your questions and find out how we can help you meet your goals. Please contact us for more information and to find out what Forester can do for you.

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